A Commitment to locally Sourced Ingredients

A Sustainable Approach

From the inception of building and running a craft distillery our main focus has been to produce premium products using local ingredients.  That sounds simple enough but the reality can be somewhat different.  Luckily for us our main ingredients, Alberta water and barley,  are among the best in the world.  This allows us to have a very stable platform to build our spirits off of and when run through our Canadian made distilling equipment (hand made in Victoria, BC) produces a spirit that we can proudly place our name on.  For us quality is our number one priority and if we feel a spirit is not up to the highest standards we will not bottle it.

Having said this, some items will always have to be sourced out of country (for example there are no citrus tress in Canada which is a botanical in our gin), but our focus is to try to source all of our ingredients within a 100KM radius of the distillery.

Another goal of our distillery is to be as sustainable as possible. For example, all of our spent grain is given to local ranchers to supplement thier livestock feed.  This makes our waste from mashing-in almost zero.  We also collect all of the water used for cooling our rectification tower and condenser when distilling and reuse that for mashing and cleaning.  This cuts our waste water almost in half.  All of our heating for production is gas through a boiler and all lighting is LED.  Solar power for our electrical needs is next on the list.

Having high standards can make work more difficult and time consuming, but in the end we believe it produces a superior product and more enjoyable experience while having less of an impact on the environment.


Two Rivers Distillery