A Respect to Tradition

A Dedication to Excellence

Our story begins in 1915 when two brothers James and Alexander Freeland heeded the call to arms from their King and enlisted in the Canadian Corps of the British Expeditionary Forces.  They were sent to Europe after completing their training joined the men on the front lines in northern France shortly after.

Both men went “over the top” in the early morning hours of April 9th at the onset of the Battle of Vimy Ridge (April 9, 1917- April 12, 1917).  This pivotal engagement in the Nivelle Offensive is seen by most historians as the birth of the Nation of Canada.  James, my Grandfather,  made it through the battle unscathed physicially,  but Great Uncle Alexander didn’t.  10,602 Canadians were wounded during the battle including 3,598 killed of which my Great Uncle Alexander was one.

We at Two Rivers honour their and all other WWI soldier’s memories by creating our hand craft spirits with the hard work, dedication to excellence and respect of tradition set in place by that generation.

Mark Freeland, Founder, Two Rivers Distillery.

our story
our story