White Labelled Products for your Brand.

Ever consider contracting a distiller for your own label?

• We are a full service distillery that offers milling, mashing, distilling and packaging services.

• Our system is 10 hectolitres (1000 litres) and can make substantial quantities of spirits in a timely fashion.

• Our 100% German copper still produces high quality distillate from any mash.

What We Offer:

Contract mashing: To your personal grain bill.

Contract distilling:

• We will distilling your mash to your spec.

• We can distill mashes made offsite

• Botanically infused  distilling runs (gin, aquavit)

• We can make neutral grain spirits out of your grain bill or our own.

• Vodka, Gin, Rum, Whiskey.

Packaging: Proofing, bottling, labelling, boxing, palleting.