Experience our Gin Distillery
& Calgary Cocktail Bar

Experience our Gin Distillery
& Calgary Cocktail Bar

Discover our Gin Craft at Two Rivers Distillery & Calgary Cocktail Bar

At Two Rivers Distillery Calgary, we take the art of handcrafted spirits to the next level. Our award-winning distillery combines locally sourced ingredients with glacial fed waters distilled in small batches for premium quality for a truly distinctive flavour profile. Our philosophy is rooted in a respect for tradition and a desire to bring people together. Our tasting room provides a personalized experience with delicious cocktails and small bites.

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The Distilling Process at Two Rivers

Our distilling process produces a variety of spirits that have won numerous awards and recognitions. Our signature Cockscomb London Dry Gin, infused with 12 botanicals, is a multiple award-winner, including gold medals in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the SIP Awards. Additionally, our rhubarb-infused gin and hibiscus-infused gin have received praise and judges’ selections from various competitions.

The Gin Collection at Two Rivers Distillery

Two Rivers Distillery takes pride in our award-winning collection of gin flavours. One of our most popular gins is the Cockscomb London Dry 12 Botanical Gin which has a perfect balance of botanicals that is both refreshing and light. For those who prefer a fruity flavour, the Rhubarb infused gin is perfect. The rhubarb brings forward citrus notes and makes the gin light and refreshing. The Hibiscus infused gin is perfect for those who love a floral-forward gin. The Hibiscus flowers give the drink a rich deep purple colour which takes the gin cocktails and martinis to a whole new level. If you’re in a mood to skip the alcohol, Two Rivers Distillery also offers a Non Alcoholic Gin Calgary that is equally good.  Our non alcoholic gin won the Judges Selection at the Alberta Beverage Awards.

The Cocktails at Two Rivers

Be it The Classic Gin and Tonic, Gin Cocktails, or Martinis, our team takes pride in their craft. The best part is the creativity involved in preparing Specialty Concoctions, where you can experience their carefully considered skills at work. The selection of gin cocktails at Two Rivers Distillery is vast and versatile, offering both classics and unique concoctions with a quirky twist. Each of our gin cocktails Calgary cocktail are beautifully crafted using the our award-winning spirits, local ingredients, fresh garnishes. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff do their best to accommodate guests’ preferences and educate them about the craft of cocktail making. Bring a friend or two and enjoy the varied cocktail menu at Two Rivers Distillery, the perfect blend of classic craftsmanship and modern mixology.

The Tasting Room

Located at 453 – 42 Avenue SE, Calgary, our Calgary Gin Bar tasting room is welcoming and personable. You can expect to taste the best in artisanal Gin spirits that Alberta has to offer. Various tasting options are available, from the classic gin and tonic to specialty concoctions like the Hibiscus Infused Gin. Don’t forget to book a Calgary Gin Distillery tour to fully appreciate our philosophy of locally sourced ingredients fused with glacial fed waters. Our knowledgeable and friendly team will take you through the award-winning spirits.

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