1875 Vodka

1875 Vodka is a combination of clean glacial fed mountain water and rich local grains, and named for the year of the founding of Calgary, Alberta.

Cockscomb Gin

Using in house made Vodka from Albertan Two Row Barley and distilled using 12 botanicals, Cockscomb Gin is the Flagship Gin of Two Rivers Distillery. Standing proud and strong, the centre of our family of gins.

Cockscomb Hibiscus

We have taken our Cockscomb Gin and carefully infused it with Hibiscus Flowers, resulting in a slightly tarter bird, with floral notes and a beautiful pink hue.

Coffee Vodka

Our coffee infused and then distilled vodka is a tribute to this iconic drink of our ancestors.

Spirit of the Gardener

Our first collaboration with Village Brewery! This is a white spirit made from Village Gardener Beer and Citrus Gin. There’s hops, there’s carrot, there’s citrus… There’s a lot going on in this bottle!

Hibiscus Vodka

Floral and slightly tart, our Hibiscus infused Vodka adds a fantastic flavor and color to your next Lemonade or Moscow Mule.

Jalapeno Dill Pickle Vodka

A must have for any Caesar enthusiast. An infusion of Jalapeno Peppers and Dill Pickles into this vodka results in the perfect combination of heat and sour to liven up Calgary’s iconic Caesar cocktail.

Jalapeno Vodka

This Jalapeno infused Vodka is full of Jalapeno Pepper flavor and a little bit of heat. Not just for Caesars either! Try this in a cocktail with your favorite tropical fruit juice for a slightly spicy twist!

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